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What is palliative care?

Palliative care is the process of looking after an individual with complex needs or life-threatening illnesses. Although palliative care often refers to the end of life care, it can be across the age spectrum and can be provided in a range of different settings. The overall goal is to make sure the individual who needs help has the best quality of life concurrently with curative treatment. We provide an excellent support system and treatment for pain, physiological and psychological issues.

Why palliative care is important for the carers, family and person in need.

It is beneficial for a family to have help in order to make sure their loved one has optimum care and to help reduce the stresses at an already distressing time. A study conducted by the World Health Organisation shows that early admission into palliative care reduces unnecessary hospital admissions. This suggests that having professionals take over when needed creates a knowledgeable and therefore safe environment for the person in need.

Why choose us?

We make sure all of our staff have extensive experience, so when combined, we make the unbeatable team! We provide our care with a holistic and person-centred approach taking into account an individual’s wellbeing and where their starting point is, so we can try and create the best possible outcome for your vulnerable loved one. 

We will even discuss with family members what the vulnerable person’s interests are, their personality and match a carer that meets their needs so we can provide a service that feels as comforting to them as possible.

Today is the right time to call us up to discuss and plan to look after the ones most precious to you. Our staff are friendly, compassionate and most importantly, here to help!

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