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Care Assessments

You will be involved in putting together your care plan, so you must share your views and preferences. Your care plan shows what care and support will meet your care needs. All of our care plans are now digitised on the Birdie software planning.


Based on a full assessment, including health needs, the care plan covers not just your health and medication needs, but aspects of your life history and interests, your culture and religion, to help provide a person-centered approach to your care. It sets out the objectives the staff and often your family will have planned with you for the future. It’s a working document, so always subject to update and review by you, your family and the Skillcare team.

Your care plan is personalised to you, and what is in it will depend on your needs. The support could include:

  • adaptations or equipment to make your home safer and easier to live in
  • help provided by the carers or a family member.
  • help to regain your independence and confidence.
  • an opportunity to meet people and socialise, such as at a day centre.


After the initial 6 weeks of your care, your care plan will be reviewed. After this, your care plan will be reviewed at least once a year or more often if needed.


If at any time you feel your care plan doesn’t meet your needs, contact the Skillcare Limited Head Office to request a review.

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